Seasoned financial professionals and members of the Baltimore Civic Fund board, failed to stop the Fund from awarding $1.3 million in taxpayer money to man in Bankruptcy and Foreclosure


Glass Jacobson Wealth Advisors’ Byron T. Deese,  and T. Rowe Price Foundation President – Dr. John Brothers, both members of the board of directors of the Baltimore Civic Fund, can each lay claim to failing Baltimore City taxpayers after allowing the fund to award $1,346,390 to a company owned by Christopher Robin Ervin, whom is currently in both a foreclosure of his home, and personal bankruptcy.  Ervin was also imprisoned for dealing illegal assault rifles, other firearms and weapons, and cocaine on the streets. (see Baltimore Sun story).  The Outsiders Radio Show broke that story last Saturday on air.

Reached by phone for comment, Deese says he is unaware of the Clean Corps program and has only been on the Civic Fund board for one month.  iTeam sources say Deese has been on the board since October 2022.  Brothers did not return voicemails requesting callback for comment.

“I was born and raised here but will be leaving soon because of the non-leadership of this city” says 68 year old Baltimore City resident Cynthia Jamison.  “Brandon Scott is doling out my tax money to his cronies.  I have had my fill!  He does nothing for seniors in this city”.

Civic Fund Executive Director, Hye Sook Chung, stated via email: “Under our fiscal sponsorship agreement with the City of Baltimore, the City relies on our grant-making and account management software and our financial and administrative expertise. While we are proud to support the City in conducting charitable programs and initiatives, we are not the programmatic or subject-matter experts for those programs and initiatives. The Civic Fund did not lead the grantee selection process for Clean Corps nor independently determine final grantee award amounts. Rather, those selections and determinations were led by the City of Baltimore and submitted to the Civic Fund for implementation. Please contact the appropriate City of Baltimore agency, in this case the Baltimore Department of Planning, for any information requests or other questions about programmatic initiatives or decisions.”

The Civic Fund’s website touts ARPA grants for economic recovery.  However, according to Chung, the Clean Corp initiative is being “led by” the Baltimore City Department of Planning.  iTeam Baltimore emails to DOP Director Chris Ryer received no response.

Meanwhile, Ervin’s company, the Lazarus Rite Inc. appears poised to receive $1,346,390 as part of the Clean Corp initiative.  The program pays non-profit companies to keep sidewalks and streets clean for a period of time that appears to be starting some time in 2023 and ends just after the 2024 Mayoral election.

The program has received criticism over its deployment of large sums of cash the city received from the American Rescue Plan Act, while not solving problems long-term.  A former mayoral appointment referred to the program as “putting cash on the street” in areas of the city where Mayor Scott did not receive significant support in the 2020 election.  The map below depicts the Mayor’s performance citywide.  The deeper the red the better he did.  The black dots represent the fifteen areas the Clean Corps initiative is to take place ahead of the 2024 election.

Since initial reporting the troubled award, iTeam has been inundated with constituent feedback. Emails and calls (listen to caller here) expressing frustration at the persistent miss-treatment of taxpayer dollars was the overwhelming majority of the sentiment.  If you would like to weigh-in on the Clean Corps issue please email us at or call 410-220-1905.

For additional coverage of Clean Corps, tune-in to the live show on Saturday, February 4th at 11:00 a.m. EST.  Show URL:

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