Claims Mayor Brandon Scott’s Clean Corp initiative puts public at risk

The Concerned Citizens of Baltimore, a group consisting of more than 172 Baltimore City residents and 8 community associations & businesses, today announced they have filed a petition for injunctive relief with the Baltimore City Circuit Court seeking to temporarily shut-down Mayor Brandon Scott’s #CleanCorp initiative.

In February 2023, Mayor Scott kicked off the Clean Corps Initiative. In March 2023, six nonprofits began hiring Baltimore un- or underemployed residents and began to clean and care for 16 select sites, including maintaining vacant lots, alleys, and public trash receptacles.

The program received $14.7 million in funding from the Scott administration using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money.

On March 6th, 2023, Concerned Citizens of Baltimore filed a lawsuit against Mayor Scott, in-part, alleging funding Clean Corp while continuing to suspend weekly recycling collection citywide – a service mandated by the Baltimore City Charter – is harmful to the citizens of Baltimore.

“Injunctive relief is a necessary step to get immediate action taken on this program.” says Desmond Stinnie, organizer of Concerned Citizens of Baltimore. “Since filing the initial lawsuit on March 6th, we believe Clean Corp funds have been mis-used by program awardees, as well as the revelation that workers are being exposed to biohazards that could lead to transference of serious infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.” Stinnie continued.

A March 20th news report is cited in the filing which allegedly shows workers handling a container filled with used hypodermic needles without any protective gear on their hands.

Concerned Citizens of Baltimore expects a speedy hearing with a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge will provide the safest outcome for Baltimore citizens. A copy of the full complaint can be found by clicking here

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